Automate Your Fleet Management PROCESSes

Mirlin Connect™ streamlines fleet management by connecting teams with drivers, vendors, and suppliers. It enhances productivity, reduces waste, and facilitates smart decision-making.

Mirlin Connect™ is an end-to-end communications platform that connects you and your team with drivers, vendors, and suppliers to enhance fleet management productivity, eliminate waste, and empower smart decision-making. Coordinating, communicating, and collaborating with our team using Mirlin Connect’s productivity platform transforms your fleet management and maintenance tasks into automated, efficient processes, eliminating waste, optimizing fleet uptime and asset utilization, and driving down maintenance cost.


Mirlin Connect brings employees, customers, vendors, and suppliers together in one integrated platform, eliminating the need to juggle multiple tools and suppliers’ websites. From service requests to task management, all communications and connection are automated with test completion KPIs and dashboards. Ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

Real-time Task dashboards

Dashboards provide insights to task completion times and their current state and status. Action overdue tasks and keep your team and fleet management tasks moving. With real-time task updates and dashboards, you can drive accountability and results, track individual and team performance, and optimize fleet utilization and uptime.

Configurable Automated Processes

By focusing on daily value task workflow automation, you free up your time, allowing you to focus on high strategic tasks to optimize the management of your fleet. Let Mirlin Connect facilitate your team communications, coordination, and collaboration. Operating your fleet on a day-to-day basis while you monitor and measure the completion of every low value task.

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